Retirement Planning

When to retire? How much can I spend in retirement? When should I begin taking my Social Security benefits? How will health care costs impact my retirement? How much should I be saving now? What is the best place for my savings? These are a few of the questions that we all face when planning for retirement.

We employ an all-inclusive approach to retirement planning. We spend the time necessary to understand your priorities in retirement. Travel, grandchildren, everyday living expenses, health care costs, charitable giving and ensuring your legacy are among the factors integral to your retirement plan. Then, we analyze all sources of income and expected return on investments to determine what you can spend and how much you should save in order to assist you in making your retirement all that you hoped it to be.

Retirement Enemies

No retirement plan – This is an option only if you never retire!
Procrastination – The sooner the better!
Changing priorities – Using retirement assets to fund children’s college costs can be hazardous to your golden years!
Inflation and taxes – Your plan needs to incorporate the effects of both taxes and inflation. Both can severely impact your retirement lifestyle in your later years.
Underestimating the cost of healthcare – It is currently estimated that a couple retiring today face an average of $250,000 in healthcare costs through their retirement years. How well are you covered?
“Undisciplined retirement planning” – Having a plan in place and not adhering to assumptions of the plan (such as savings and spending) can wreak havoc on your plan. Lack of plan reviews and adjustments because of changing tax laws, increased costs and market returns can affect the validity and the success of your retirement plan.

Our goal is to collaborate with you to create your personal plan. We will work to update your plan on a regular basis and manage your financial assets in a way that maximizes the likelihood of attaining or exceeding your retirement goals.

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